Thermal Insulation

Product License

We also be distributor for Indonesia region of some equipments/goods such as:

Harbison Walker – ANH – AP Green Refractory

Consisting of experienced engineers with refractory, metallurgy and engineering background, we are able to offer our customers total on site service that is exclusively to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Tristar Thermal Insulation

All Type of Ceramic Fiber, Rockwool, Fiber Glass, Poly Urethane, etc.

Our Complete Range of Refractory Services Include:Casting

Conventional casting, pumping and vibro-casting of castable Injection. High Pressure injection of castable required for special furnace lining, low pressure injection require for voids behind a lining, injection of hot spot fiber insulation

Conventional gunning of castable, remote gunning

Ramming mouldable for ceramic and metallic anchors, vibrating mouldable and plastic castable gunning.

Brick installation in rotary kiln, reformers, furnaces etc. using all type of brick size (ISO,RKB,VDZ)

Fiber installation
Install and repair fiber blankets and modules using a variety of materials and anchor systems

Heat Insulations
Ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber textile, glass fiber cloth/alumina, high silica glass fiber cloth, asbestos, mineral wool blanket, mineral wool board, marine slab, pipe section is production from non-combustible mineral fibers, calcium silicate, silicon treated fabric, etc.