Company Facilities

Facilities of Fabrication

Our group’s workshop is spread across an area of 68,000 sq.ft . The Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel fabrication work is segregated. There are four production bays, each equipped with EOT crane. Among common fabrication machinery, our facility is equipped with automatic welding center, rotators and positioners.

The factory has state of the art machines specifically developed for teflon lining facilities, expansion joints, pressure vessels, ducting, steel frame, mechanical seal, gasketing, etc . A team of skilled engineers support our work force. More than 200 strong team keeps the factory working to capacity, maintaining strict quality standards.

Our manufacturing agreements with overseas manufacturers for different products give us a great advantage and we can offer the advantage of this combined experience to local customers.

We work hard towards perfection as desired by our customers so that we will be able to provide them with better services and products. We are happy to share our resources with customers locally and overseas.

Office Facilities

To carry out their respective business operation the company Global Mandira Semesta its subsidiaries currently owned office building equipped with study convenient to process of engineering and furnished with parking area broad.

The room designed sistimatically with each other face to face so that workers can communicate to each other so as to minimize the occurrence of a misconception in the design process. The room is equipped with air conditioning, sanctuary, espectively a multi purpose hall (meeting, presentation and exhibition rooms), Moreover the workroom is equipped withthe latest communication system such facsimile machine, internet with e-Mail facility.

All of it given to keep productivity workhouses, so as to produce a good performance and give a huge contribution to the company.